Such a Happy House…..

Such a Happy House…..

My regular readers know how it tickles me when I come across a fellow designer that was previously unknown to me, and whose work is such that I just have to dedicate a post to it. There are many designers that I have admired over the years and who have portfolio’s that extend over decades, but I especially love it when I discover exciting younger designers. They contribute and inspire me to keep my own design esthetic from ever becoming a singularly styled approach. I have eclectic taste, and the rooms and homes I have designed over the years have allowed me to design in varied styles. Being able to see someone else’s exciting designs is not only inspiring, but exciting, and I am thrilled to share my find, Amber Interiors.
It all started when I came across this barn like structure, and was immediately intrigued by it’s architectural details.


This lovely barn is actually used as an event space. I love how lights were strung in rows across the roof line. This structure is part of Lombardi House, a project Amber Interiors was involved in. This looks more like a structure one might see in New England, not smack in center Hollywood


I was unsure if I should pin it to my horse barn board on pinterest, or to another board. My curiosity led me to this designer’s web site where I was immediately intrigued by her before and after photos. As I clicked through her portfolio, I realized I was smiling….a lot. Who is this designer ? Her name is Amber Lewis, and she designs out of her own firm formed in 2010, and based in Los Angeles. When I read that the seeds for her designer destiny were planted tagging along with her developer Dad to his construction sites, I immediately related because that is where i began for me as well, although after college, I detoured for many years in biotechnology before I came back to where I should have been all along. Then when I read that she approaches design with an eclectic eye, I related even more. Her results are colorful and chic and I am delighted to feature her work today.

The following photos are from a home Amber designed for a young couple that she clearly adores – Pat, Erin, Rowan, Indy and their canine, Olive. The home was designed over a length of time, and it seems to truly reflect who this family is. So let’s check out some before and afters. I believe that the before photos were from the house when it was on the market, i.e. previous owners.


This is the foyer before. It is nice enough, but wait…….



Soooo much brighter, with a feeling of a larger space. How did she achieve this? Instead of the door with two side lites as seen in the above photo, they were replaced with two full light french doors. The walls were repainted in a white, and a geometric patterned rug with muted tones brightens the dark floors. Have you noticed the third change?  Look to the ceiling – the light fixtures. The originals were quite nice, but these square lanterns are lighter appearing visually and their square shape (especially with narrow metal trim) plays off the barrel vault of the ceiling.


Vignette on the table in the above foyer.



The living room before.



Living room after. Again, so much brighter. This home is in California, with a young couple and their young children, and seems more suited now to that lifestyle. There are many layers to this rooms, yet it is cohesive and cheery. Although it is not a large room, it can handle quite a few people comfortably. I love how the two chests on each side of the fireplace tie into the granite surround color wise, but they also serve to visually widen the room. The sea through lamp bases are a perfect choice for letting the light pass through from the windows.



Before – taken at another angle.



Although there is lots of color and pattern, the eye still can rest because of the liberal use of white. To the right you can see a glimpse of the dining room. Notice that the walls in the dining room are very dark. It works, again because of all the white in the living room and in the white chairs surrounding the dining room table. I like how the green in the painting above the fireplace is echoed in the textile on the back of the sofa, and in the green geometric drapery in the dining room. The turquoise from the painting is also repeated in the pillows on the two chairs flanking the living room table, and in the chandelier in the dining room, making for a colorful yet cohesive flow.



Dining room before. Lots of light can enter the room, but it still appears rather dark.



It is the same room, yet it appears so much larger, even though the walls have been painted a very dark color. In this case, painting the ceiling white lets the moldings in the tray add the visual interest rather than the paint color. The blue carpet echoes the blue carpet in the living room.



Funky, whimsical chandelier adds so much fun to the room. The painting on the far wall connects to the turquoise color. The rustic driftwood colored dining table certainly says casual California style. The reed Roman shades appear throughout the house, another way to tie rooms of various colors together – by repeating window dressings. I thought it quite creative that Amber used the bright green geometric on the ends of the french doors for color punch, rather than a neutral to tie into the window’s Roman shades.



Before family room.



This was the only photo available. The room has been painted white, and in the corner you can catch a bit of the fireplace, which appears to have been painted white also. I rather liked the brick in the before, but hard to comment because there is no full after photo of the room. Like the brightly colored pillows and the geometry of the leather foot poof.



There are no before photos of the breakfast room. These are of the finished space. The chairs are not only comfortable, but practical when you have two little ones. The brightly patterned and colored carpet is also a good choice for hiding the inevitable spills and cookie crumbs, although maybe their dog gets to them before they ever hit the floor.



The brightly colored pillows make for a happy space. The surfing piece of framed art on the wall again picks up that this home is either near a beach, or has owners who are lovers of the beach.



I adore the humor in this framed poster above the loo in the bathroom!



This is their son Rowan’s bedroom now (no before photo).


Rowans room

The same window treatment we saw in the main living spaces we see in all the bedrooms. The white walls here keep it bright, while his easily accessible books, and bedding textiles add the punches of color.



I couldn’t find any photos of the exterior of this home, but I like the tall narrow windows. Although none of the rooms are huge, they feel expansive because of the design choices.



It is always in the details, and here Amber deftly used I think yarn, in the same bright primary colors, to accent the antlers with the colors that she used throughout the room.



Every child loves to play in a tent, and this lucky little one has one readily available to spark his imagination.



Additional pops of color, yet not overdone.



This is a before of the nursery.



The crib has been painted white along with the walls. I find the camel a sweet and humorous choice. The pop of pink says it’s for a girl.


Indy May's room

The white walls make a huge difference in this room. I like how it is layered….patterned pillow on the white chair, the patterned rug on top of a white rug . All the colors reappear on the wall hanging visible to the right.



Even the baskets add texture and color.



Repetition of the colors in this framed poster over the changing table. What Mom doesn’t think or say this to their baby over and over? Love it. Another whimsical touch. The subtly colorful mobile echoes further the color palette.



I really like the angle of this photo… really shows how well this room came together. I have a special fondness for nursery’s….they are my most favorite rooms to design!



Here is the children’s play room where we see the wonderful color choices again. It is so nice to see photos of the family as part of the decor in such a complimentary and meaningful way.



Master bedroom before. I rather like the color here and the architectural detail on the walls.



Master bedroom after. I like the bed, the squareness echoing the windows. I like the simplicity of just one feature pillow. Although just one, it makes a color statement. The night stands on legs keeps the room airy and light.



The watery blue/green in the poster is repeated in the glass lamp. The small framed family photo personalizes the space while also a reminder of what is important.



Photo before arrival of baby girl Indy.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I look forward to seeing and sharing more of designs by Amber Interiors. I had quite the weekend and will share some of it with you tomorrow. Until then, happy summer day to you!  Thanks for stopping by.  Laters, charisse


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