Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh, & Bedroom Part II

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh, & Bedroom Part II

A few weeks ago I added a new widget on the left just under the header which is a photo of my home at the top of every blog post. It is a language translator for those that might prefer to read in a language other than in English . So I emailed my friends Cathie & Gerard in France and told them that I added it to the blog and she could now choose to read it in French instead of English. I had planned to mention the widget in the next post, but was giving them a heads up. Well, I got an email from Cathie the next morning and according to google translator, this is how my header appears in French –

It does not taken a person who is fluent in French to understand that Google has decided I am a lunatic in a house and garden, or as my French friends said, to them it means a person who has unstable moods. Maybe Google saw my post on decorating or not for Valentine’s Day and took it upon themselves to decide it was appropriate. Anyways, KBJ is on it and hopefully we can get them to correct the translation. Cathie, a native french speaker, suggested “fantaisiste” which translates in English to fanciful. So hopefully that will soon be fixed. So what else can you do but laugh?

Also, as I mentioned in yesterdays post on bedrooms, I have switched to mail chimp from feed burner. I apologize that you might have gotten a duplicate post yesterday, as feedburner still sent one out. That has been taken care of and you should now be getting just one, and it will be from mail chimp. Let me know if you are still having a problem. Thanks for your patience!

Now, on to the bedroom, specifically the bed, and tossing out some ideas. Remember, your bedroom is just that. Like any room in the house it should reflect your style, and the degree of comfort you like. When dressing or layering your bed, I would offer this thought….think about how much time you want to put into making your bed in the morning. It is proven that if you make your bed first thing, you enter your day in a better frame of mind. Not surprising. So, are you a throw the duvet over the bed, fluff the pillows and be done with it, or are you a make it perfectly kinda person and time does not matter? Be honest with yourself, and go from there and most importantly, have fun with it. There is a myriad of ways to approach this, so no rules here, just some guidelines. As I comment in the below photos, use them as a jumping off point or inspiration.

OK, nice bed, but right away, no pillows visible. They are there, but flat on the mattress. Probably not the best approach. Not enough pillows or not cushiony enough. 

You may love pillows, but be careful about too many!

or not enough. Pretty pillow but looking pretty lonely.

You can achieve your goal of a pretty bed with just a few pillows, in this case 3. This is a great example of a bed that would come together quickly in the morning, yet it has style, color, pattern. This illustrates that odd numbers of pillows often work best, but not always. Keep this in mind as we look at more beds below.

When putting together your bed you have to decide if you want the bed to be the focal point of the room, or do you prefer it to be a co-star or in a supporting role. In this room, the eye will surely go to the bed first before then enjoying all the other features. Here the choice of a “flat” duvet and blanket are a good choice. A huge, fluffy bed covering would be a but much and not fit the style of the bed.

Here is another bed where the headboard takes the lead.The impact of a couple pillows with a pop of  color is all it needs. Here a neck roll against the tufted headboard supports the other three.

This headboard is definitely the star of the room, and the choice of classic white with black linens and just a wee bit of pillow pattern is perfection, since there is already bold pattern in the carpet and the chair. Odd number of pillows here.

A tall and imposing headboard sets the stage for a choice of muted blues and creams.This is a bed that would also go back together rather quickly in the morning. Flowy and light.

On this bed, the choice was made to use an even number of pillows. The three in the back are Euro, 2 King in front and a small single monogramed pillow. I think I might have chosen a small pillow or a couple of large ones with more color and/or pattern. An all white choice here is nice, it’s safe, and also allows leeway with sheet choices.

Let’s look at a few beds where the headboard is nondescript. When you walk into this bedroom the first things you will notice are the colors and pattern. They are the the stars of the room and the bed, with the side tables in a supporting role. This bed will take a bit longer to make up in the morning because of tucking the sheets and duvet in on all three sides. The quilt at the end of the bed can cover up the corners if in a hurry. I love the look, but tucking when you have a bedskirt can be a nuisance.

Here a simple tufted headboard can still be seen at the top and blends seamlessly with the choice of linens. There are nine pillows on this bed, but it works really well because of the different pillow sizes and the mix of colors and patterns. Another easy to do bed for a morning remake.

Here the sheet choice plays an equal role to the comforter. This room presents a cohesive one where you eye can take in the entire room at once. The architectural detail of T&G wall and a small dropped ceiling contributes to this feeling. There seems to be more people foregoing a top sheet in lieu of a duvet cover. This bed would take a nano second (ok, a minute) to do in the am. This also shows you that you don’t have to always have lots of layers going to make a really nice bed.

There is no headboard at all, yet this is a lovely visual. The architectural details co star with the bed. Casual, yet inviting. This is the kind of bed you don’t feel one ounce of doubt about just falling on top of. I love the lighting along the wood beam and at night I bet this room is gorgeous. Layered entirely in linen, this is another example of easy peasy to remake.

Although the wallpaper has the leading role, the bed linens make it so. One is not fully successful without the other. The flowing blanket has texture that relates back to the trees texture. No visible headboard, but lovely. Four pillows. Rules are meant to be broken! I hope by now you realize that you can have a lovely bed without having to make a major furniture investment. Spend your money on scrumptious linens.

Another mural, no headboard. This bed is decidedly more feminine. Unique and fun.

This is a great example of texture and small accents of pattern taking the lead. Monochromatic choices do not have to be boring as this so beautifully illustrates.

All about the bed. Well yes, until you catch a glimpse of the chandelier and then the ceiling. The color choices bring it all together. There are a lot of pillows but the soft and puffy folded duvet still invite a casual plop onto the bed. This style takes some effort to put back together in the morning. Consider also where at night you will put all the pillows.

Monochromatic and sophisticated. Might be a little boring if not for the faux fur blanket and pillow. The orange light brings an unexpected but welcome pop of color. A lot of people like all white linens and never tire of them. There is something to the clean look and crispness they bring to a bed.

I debated about including this room. I both like it and I don’t and as I was writing a caption I realized that the mattress looks “hard” because it is so flat looking. The addition of a colored blanket folded on the end of the bed, or a fluffy duvet would IMHO really finish the layering of the bed. Other than that, I love the beams, the carpet and pillows…an even number this time.

This illustrates that you can take a beloved built, pull it up over your two pillows, add one decorative pillow and call it a day. That’s all this bed needed because the other details play equal supporting roles. Perhaps you have a treasured wool camp blanket, a quilt or a linen duvet. Use it and you will love it even more. I love this room and how about that chandelier? Striking at night I am sure.

The art, the mirrors, the chandelier, the bed frame are all enhanced by the choice of neutrals for the linens. Instead of placing the pillows upright, you can place them flat down for a classic hotel like look. Even though this is a more formal approach, I would plop on this bed without hesitation.

I really like this bed and bedroom. Classic, welcoming and sophisticated. Only thing I would change is the fan.

Lastly,this is a case of love it or hate it. Fluffy pillows or karate chop? I really do not like, at all, killing a pillow. It is a pet peeve of mine, but if you like it, go ahead and knock the stuffing out of them.

I had so many more examples of layering beds; there are infinite choices. I tried to give you examples that would be varied enough.

So, to style like a pro: Consider the following as a check list to use as a guideline:  great mattress*mirror?*work area*rug or carpet* tech free zone?* seating* Theme-it can unify a room, e.g. plaid, toile

color * pattern * variety of textures * bed skirt?* sheets (white or color) * blankets * topper (quilt, bedspread, comforter, duvet)* curtains or shades or blinds

furniture *statement bed frame or not* furniture placement * the bed itself (frame or no frame) * lighting and natural light * artwork * comforting color palette * a touch of drama * decor items* flowers

masculine or feminine  or combination *  storage

also, keep in mind the rest of your homes colors if the master is visible. If not,  and your bedroom is private, it  can be a place for decorative exploration and then let your personality shine and let the process be fun for you. We spend an awful lot of our lives in bed, so make it comfortable and comforting.  laters, charisse
















  1. Another interesting read! It is fascinating to see how artists minds work. So much creativity!
    ( Funny story at the beginning too😃😃)
    I found many new thoughts coming to me while going on these scavenger hunts. So many things I have never considered without reading your comments. I was unfamiliar with “karate chopped pillows,” and I am not a fan now either. Lots of beautiful decorating choices in these two blogs.
    I love waking up to your emails!!
    Thanks again for sharing your photos and expert comments!
    Love to Whitley!😘

    • yes, when I see chopped pillows in a magazine it is like chalk on a board to me. I can’t explain it. It is just one of those things that I find unnecessary and irritating. I wish it did not bother me like it does, but it is what it is.

  2. susan weiss :

    Enjoyed the walk through of the bedrooms but none of them even came close to the beautiful bedroom you did for us! That bedroom is really the only thing I miss about our old house!! S

    • Thank you Susan. I do need to share that room in a post. Working with you both was the most fun I ever had working on a design project. I know you will continue to enjoy your new home a lot, and with your artists eye, it quickly became “home”.

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