Quick Laundry Room Change-Up

Quick Laundry Room Change-Up

Juni Moon has some difficulty with sliding on the tile and hardwood floors, mostly because once in motion she stays in motion, not a good thing around corners. So we made some changes that will make it safer for her and for me as well. I have stone 16×16 tiles throughout the great room, small hall to garage, laundry and half bath area. I would prefer not to have any carpets down, but sometimes it is necessary for reasons of capturing dirt before it enters the house, and for safety reasons. Of course, sometimes we choose to place a runner or carpet for decor reasons alone.


Coming from my great room, I am standing in a small foyer that to my left leads directly into the garage. Straight ahead is the laundry room and past that is what I call the Newf room, which is a quite large room that once was just for the Newfs. I will post on the huge changes we made there, but for now, just this small change in here.

I had a nice area carpet that I placed directly in front of the washer and dryer. In the summer the tiles are cold because the A/C vent is directly across from the W&D, under the cherry pantry cabinets. Just past the W&D is a laundry sink; a small rug is there to catch splatters from the sink.

I wished that I had put in a dutch door leading out to the Newf room, and I still may retro fit that door. The walled corner next to the laundry sink was not supposed to be for the cold air return, it was supposed to be for additional counter space. Alas, it had to be changed, so I lost cabinet and counter space I would have liked for folding laundry.

This shows a somewhat more accurate tile color, although it should read more gray.It is mottled. Nosy Carter wouldn’t move so I could photograph the tile close up. Keith, see his head at the bottom of the photo, was calling to him to get out of the way, but in typical Afghan Hound style, he was acting like he couldn’t hear you. He was busy monitoring the dryer! He is always in my way. When I pull clothes out of the dryer he likes to help…. Funny boy!

I think a dutch door would look nice. Oh yes, I am going to have to change out the door handle because Juni Moon can open it.

We bought a length of runner from Lowe’s. It is latex backed, and I really like them. I have a couple out in the Newf room and they work well, last for quite a while, and are relatively inexpensive, sold by the running foot. When we put our sample piece under the door, it was tight, so we would have to shorten the door. Wouldn’t you know, a simple project became less so.

KBJ put 2 shim pieces together, moving them closer together until we got a height we knew that, when cut off, would allow us to easily close the door. The Newf room is conditioned space, so air flow under the door was not a concern.

Here he ran the shim across the door scribing it the full length.

Living with an engineer means that he always has a game plan. He used a nail pryer under the door that allowed him to use his foot to lift the door without my help in order to remove the hinges. Clever boy.

He had those hinges out in a flash and the door removed from the hinges.

Using a punch is easier than using a nail or screwdriver as it fits the entire depth of the hinge.

He used a straight edge with a fence that allows the saw to remove exactly the amount of door bottom as he had scribed it.

Clamp it to the door first!

Perfect! The carpet runner will go all the way under the door and down to the bottom of the riser of the one step into the Newf room.

Done! We stapled the carpet to the riser on the step down into the Newf room. This keeps away any chance of it catching under the door as it open or closes, and any chance of tripping on the edge stepping back into the laundry area from the Newf room.

It helps to keep Juni, and the other two from sliding, as well as capturing any wet or dirty paws before it makes it into the Great room. It is a cinch to vacuum. I kept the heavier rug in front of my W&D cause I like it! Even with two layers, the other door closes over it. I should have put a pocket door here, because when I need to get behind the door to get into the cabinet, I have to close the door. I mostly keep this door closed anyway.

Recently I made some other changes to the laundry room. I have one more item to check off the to do list and then I can share it with you. I realized as I was writing this post that I have never shown you this room before today.

Speaking of Juni Moon. She has become a beloved member of our family. She now feels a part of our “pack” and has relearned her manners. Carter is no longer terrified of her, and even leaps over her from his favorite sleeping/resting spot on the grooming table. Whitley is feeling better, although still recovering from her illness, so all is fine, and for that I am grateful. The April weather continues to be all over the place, snow, rain, and a bit of sun. The trees are desperately trying to leaf out. The night time freezes have left many of the hosta leaves quite distorted.  Hopeful that they will recover.The up and down weather even killed pansies! I continue my efforts to pull out the thousands of baby oaks that are all over the place. I hope spring is arriving gently in your areas.

KBJ:”Come on Juni, please let’s go outside”. Juni: “Not interested, not movin’ unless it involves a treat. Juni, the immovable Newf

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  1. Buddy and I were looking for runners for our hallway to the bedrooms and also the long hall type space in front of the large windows in the living room. Skippy slides on the floors when he come zooming out of our bedroom and I’m afraid he’s going to get hurt. I’ll bet KBJ can make a dutch door out of the door in the laundry room. Remember we did that on the doors at our kennel house. Love dutch doors.

    Juni looks like a little or should I say big puppy in the photo. Love the haircut! Good to hear Whitley is improving still.

    Keith is just so darn clever! Wish you guys lived up the street from us. Another house 3 doors up when on the market this past week. Only big drawback is that it has a pool, it looks great from the outside but I haven’t been inside yet.

    Always love it when your blog pops up. First thing I read in the morning.


    • Hi Susan, No drawback for me! I would love it if a house came available and had a pool. Great for the ole knees and because, heh, the Newf is a waterdog. Maybe I was a Newf in another life, because I love the water and I could float or swim all day long. The carpet runner has worked out really well. If needed you can buy a tape that goes on the bottom that will secure it even more. It is light enough to also pick up and take outside to clean. I also needed almost 13 ft. of runner and you can buy as long as you need. Hard to find more than a 10 ft one.

  2. Sorry but I am happy that the precious pups would rather pose for the camera than move!
    They are so adorable!!! ( I think they deserve a photo in every blog)
    Great job on the runner! Always so clever, you guys. Love the door lift-prying trick too!

    Great news about Whitley! May she continue to improve daily.
    Photos of Juni bring back such sweet memories.
    Give her more big hugs from Asheville!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • And Juni sends her slobbery and head shaking wishes right back at ya! After she dunks her head in the water bucket, we have to run with a towel to catch her before she gets back into the house and shakes water all over! It has become a game with her.

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