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About The Painting
And now for something completely different! This little cat figure is another yard sale treasure I acquired recently. I found her so intriguing I couldn’t resist bringing her home and working her into a painting. I’m guessing she must be a character from a piece of children’s literature that I’ve either forgotten or am not aware of. If anyone reading this recognizes her, I’d love to be filled in on the details. I just love the enigmatic quality and the powerful symbolic potential she embodies.

I was interested in the relationship between the ring she is holding and the ring pattern on the Japanese teacup. I decided to elaborate on that idea and added the gold bangle on the ground. I’ve always liked working with the circle symbolically and have used it in many of my still life paintings. Carl Jung talks about it being a symbol of the self, and an ultimate totality. Depending on what you choose to read into this painting, it can be fun and whimsical, or quite powerful.