It’s a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid Christmas

It’s a Plaid, Plaid, Plaid Christmas

Maybe you are beginning to feel that it’s really a mad, mad, mad, holiday dash, with all the last minute preparations and gift buying. I hope this is not the case, but whether

you are prepared and ready to go, or still scrambling a bit, I hope that this post will bring you some ahhhh time. Breathe in, grab a cup of tea or java, and perhaps the warmth of the photos will help mellow your day – even a tiny bit is a good thing. Enjoy!


Add a plaid bow to a Christmas wreath with a complimentary solid colored smaller bow attached to the middle.



What could be more welcoming? The only thing missing in my mind is the lovely pup needs a touch of plaid also!


If you are fortunate enough to have a front porch, a warm plaid blanket is a nod to the warmth your guest can expect once inside your home.



Once inside your home, there are few fabric patterns that speak warmth as much as plaid, especially with touches of red. I could sit here all day and into the evening.



This is a brighter and more transitional approach, using white as the base color and warming it up with plaid touches in the pillows. The rug adds texture and the color adds additional warmth.

midwest from the Polo House

This wonderful sitting area cannot be more inviting. This sweet Lab just happens to be sporting his own bit of plaid as well.                         photo: of The Polo House



I have many plaid Christmas bulbs and they are among my favorites.



Plaid wrapping paper is an easy and temporary way to introduce the pattern into your holiday decor. No commitment!



House Beautiful

I love the mix of patterns in this dining area, from the curtains, to the tablecloth and down to the rug.     Photo: House Beautiful.



On the table, the introduction of plaid can be in the tableware and or the placemats or other textiles.



In this setting we see how nicely paisley works with this plaid rimmed plate. I really like the charger.



I like many of the unusual Christmas dinnerware I have seen around the web. You can often find them at tag sales, eBay, or online for quite reasonable.



And after dinner, we can relax in our plaid jimmies! I remember as a child, every Christmas my brother and I were given a new pair of PJ’s on Christmas Eve. For while they usually had glow in the dark something or another on the front. After we were past that stage, they were almost always plaid and flannel and warm!



Apartment Therapy

Then it’s off to bed. I would have a difficult time removing myself from this bed come Christmas morning, even with kids jumping all over. Heck, the tree is here, move the presents here as well.



But even if you have to get up, the pups don’t. They will keep everything nice and warm for you until you return. I know mine will. And again we see the classic combination of plaid and paisley.



The, if you have to go out, put a plaid ribbon or color on your pup, some fancy Santa glasses, and be off to your holiday destination.


Add a little plaid, grab the plaid thermos, put kids and pups in the truck, and travel safe!



Today, is officially the first day of winter. Actually yesterday was, but I am writing it on December 21st, the actual day. Anyways……although this day marks winters beginning, it also marks the return to our days getting longer, and that is something most of us happily look forward to. Here, the weather cooperated by offering a sunny and balmy day. I’ll take it, although deep down, I always wish to wake up to snow on Christmas.


And, did you know that there are actually two winter solstices in every year? Yup, the earth tilts on it’s axis as it orbits the sun, so on December 21 the Northern hemisphere gets winter and the southern hemisphere (think Australia) has to wait until June 21. So they experience the Christmas Holidays in summer! If you are so inclined, here is a link to a short but informative (and humorous) article about 8 things to know about the winter solstice. Link here – Interesting facts about the solstice.

And I leave you with a bit of humor about Christmas in today’s world……


Ain’t that the truth?


and lastly…….



Of late, I am feeling an odd mix of tender, reflective and mischievous this holiday. It’s an odd mix, but as I always say, “it is what it is”.  Thanks for stopping by. laters, charisse


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