Holiday Rooms in White

Holiday Rooms in White

Today I want to share home with Christmas decor that might just elicit a few ahhh’s. Decorated quietly and softly in tones of cream and white, it is the kind of decor that slowly draws you in, and then as you notice the details, you cannot just see, but feel the understated elegance, softness, and sophistication. This lovely home was built in 1865 and is located in Spain. Sophisticated in these neutral tones, it stills says it’s Christmas gently and elegantly within a setting of the sunny Mediterranean.


What’s to say? Lovely. So many details to be enjoyed as your eyes move around the room.


Simple ornaments hung on the glass doors tie into the same ornaments on the tree. Lots of little details that add up to a beautiful room.


The antique sheet music paper shows up through out in small vignettes.




Around the candlestick are aged pages from a book, including some sheet music again, all tied together with a piece of burlap and twine. Amber colored glass continues to add to  the  warm and inviting room.






Just a touch of greenery, and it feels like Christmas.


Those pastries!





A more formal dining setting, with a small wreath, stars on the tablecloth, and a view into the kitchen.


Simple ornaments on ribbon hung on closet doors and a bookcase, with wrapped presents on the floor.                                           source for above photos

I found a few more rooms from different homes decorated for the holidays, and also done in neutral tones.

09_chair_white cream Christmas tree_Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas_Country Living_WHG



I like the whimsical addition of the white paper globes hanging from the ceiling.            source


photo Laurey W. Glenn

photo Laurey W. Glenn Southern Living



Very white yet very inviting.    source



via The Enchanted Home

via the enchanted home

What do you think? Do you like the neutral approach, or a more colorful one? As for me, as long as there are lots of tiny white lights on the tree, in swags and garlands,  lights on dimmers, and candles all around, I like holiday decor either way. For those of you that do Black Friday shopping, I hope you had a good time. I have slowly been bringing up all my holiday decor from the storage room. For a long time I said that I wouldn’t have designed this home any differently. Well, I was wrong! I should have put in an elevator when we built it.

Thanks for stopping by. laters, charisse






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