Garden House Redo-Done!

Garden House Redo-Done!

Well, it took 5 solid days of working, but in the end it was worth it. In case you missed yesterday’s post, you can read it here.

Here it is ready for a new garden bench……..

Looks ok in this photo, but the outlet electrical boxes and switch plates all were sticking out from the wall, so while KBJ was measuring and sawing, I trimmed out all of them.

I used pieces of lattice, which were the perfect thickness.







This is the main switch plate right near the front door.

Here the bench is framed in for the bottom shelf. The entire bench is 10 feet long, but only 6 foot of it has a bottom shelf. All plum and level, ready for the shelf. The space to the right of the outlet is so I can drop power cords from the top shelf, and bring them up from the floor.

By cutting holes in the shelf to accommodate the shelf, the 4×4 support posts get an additional stabilizing boost.

KBJ checking for plum and level and attaching the top. We used 3/4 maple plywood.

Here it is with the front apron attached on the front of both shelves. The space on the far left allows for storage of larger garden pots.

So this is where I took over. I used some white leftover latex paint and diluted it with equal parts water to make a whitewash stain. I used this for the shelves and the posts. After it was dry, the next morning I put two coats of satin polyurethane on both  top and bottom shelves of the bench. We also made five shelves, three for the side with the new bench and two for the alcove on the other side.

We used simple angle iron brackets and attached them to the studs. After KBJ cut them to length, he put them up to mark the back corner so that it would fit flush to the wall.

He used the jigsaw to make the cuts.

They sit nice and flush. After the two were up, and before they were attached, that is when I decided that I might as well add a third shelf above these two.

The three shelves with a support board under each shelf, and with whitewash stain and poly already applied. You can see the bench is also finished as well.

Remember the gap KBJ left to the right of the outlet below the lower shelf? Now you can see why. This is where I will keep the battery chargers and batteries for the hedge trimmers, weed wacker etc. Handy so I can grab and go. At the other end of the bench the power strip is on top.

Here is the BEFORE of the garden tool alcove.

These cabinets had to go. They are made from redwood, and are huge dust, dirt collectors, and just inefficient as storage for large objects. I have a plan to recycle them, and that was our next project. They have travelled a lot of miles, and were last used for storage in the horse barn in NC. Will not miss them!

Here’s the AFTER……..

OK, now for the completed and once again clean and organized garden house. If we have another summer like this last one, and it gets such a mess again, I shall give it up to the squirrels for good. Here are some photos of the redo done!!!!

Above the area seen above is a loft. You can also see that I have a small chandelier hanging in the garden house. A girl has to have some bling even there! It’s not visible in any of the photos because the ceiling is high, and I hung it high enough so that when I was moving ladders, garden rakes, etc., I would not hit it each and every time. It is small, but it throws an amazing amount of light.

Here are a few closeup photos of some of what is on the shelves, what makes me smile, and some of what is now happily stored for the winter……..

He guards my measuring cups and spoons…….

Every work area needs a clock, and a girlie one at that.

Well, the next project was on the outside. Coming soon! Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you find some inspiration and maybe feel inspired to organize.  Laters, charisse






  1. It looks amazing and isn’t it the best to have a place for everything! Happy Tuesday!

    • Yes, and I am happy to say that the garden house has remained quite organized since I first redid it. It makes it so much easier for me when I go about doing all the happy chores of tending my many garden areas. Thank you for writing, and hope you are enjoying the same delightful weather we are here in Virginia.

  2. OMG cous, its beautiful. I dont remember signing a release to use my likeness in you blog. Ha Ha

    • Thanks Bruce, I look forward to showing you the outside…..a few really nice changes in the works! Worked on it this afternoon. You must be getting old… signed a release….I think?!?! LOL I never even looked at blogs back then, no less thought about writing one……

  3. I think when you come down next month, we need to spend a lot of time shopping. You definitely need more “stuff”!

    • Hi Buddy,
      I don’t need any more stuff, but surprisingly when you have acres to garden in, so much of it ends up out in the gardens……..I use pots among my planting beds a lot. I have a lot of vases, most of which were gifts or I picked up at thrift stores. I like to have them handy because I take flowers from the garden and give them to friends and do not expect the vase back. I use many during the holidays as well. During this cleaning exercise I did toss old planting pots from the nursery as I no longer have a cold frame to start plants like I did on the farm and I didn’t want to have to move them. Unfortunately the nurseries do not want them back. You would be surprised how empty the garden house is by late spring! Gardening is a passion…..always has been.

  4. It’s fun to see things I recognize from the last 30 years. I seem to remember the pumpkin “board” from earlier homes, maybe even Norwich? Looks great.

    • The pumpkin board was given to me by my Uncle……it was once part of a retail window display. It was the first piece of “art” that for several years hung over the sofa. It was then in the garden room in the horse barn in NC, then moved it here. It is the perfect piece for the garden house and it has happy memories.

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