Expanding a Garden Space

Expanding a Garden Space

Yesterday I shared the beginning of a pocket garden space developed in response to planting a new red Japanese maple tree. The expansion of the raised box area photo, seen again below, was actually done first, and is really part of the overall plan to add more to the left side of the house and garage. So I will share photos of this area, and then both areas after they were finished and plants put in the ground. I try to use mostly perennials, with a few annuals added every spring. Perennials are so cost effective, providing color every year, and many, multiplying such that you can divide them every few years (or not) for free plants to plant about your other garden spaces, or to share with friends and neighbors.


This is from several years ago. In the tan containers are Crepe Myrtles that I ended up moving to the side garden. They looked pretty here when in bloom but blew over in every wind storm.

Here is a closeup of the containers behind the box. Every year I planted something different except for the host, which returned every spring.

Because this is directly to the side of the garage parking area, I have wanted to do something for quite a while.

First order of business was to clear all the plant containers away. We used small falgs to mark the basic outline of where we would expand the garden.

We started by placing railroad ties in place.

We placed them where they seemed best, but started making adjustments after viewing it from several sight lines. You can see the garage behind KBJ.

Here you can see his parked car, which came in the first entrance and is now facing the second entrance if he drove straight ahead.

Facing the original box this is what we decided.

Standing in front of the garage, this is what you would see .

Not very attractive at the moment!

Straight ahead is the second entrance.

KBJ had brought home a trailer load of large rocks from his friends property. These were really nice rocks and will be part of the design. How many friends do you have that will drive home three and a half hours after working with a load of rock?

Trying to decide what to do with the blue containers that were on each side of the box before this started.

We pulled and dug out grass and weeds within the new area.

The RR ties were placed at an angle so KBJ mitered them to fit nice and tight.

He first lifted them onto a leftover timber so the chainsaw would not dig into the ground. Much easier.

Like a knife through soft butter.

Hope it fits!

Looks tight to me…..that will do!

Now the fun part, a prezzie- another truck load of dirt! By the way….a rare sunny day, but it was in the high 90’s and humid.

KBJ had them turn around so they could back up close to where the dirt was going. Then the shoveling began.

Pretty dirt, but that’s a lot to shovel and rake into place…..and it was very hot!

Starting to take shape. KBJ did almost all of getting the dirt into place. I get to plant.

We then placed the trailer load of rocks all around the back side and tamped the dirt some. The rocks allowed us to raise the level of the planting area equal to the box and the new railroad ties, and also soften the edges rather than do RR ties all around. We then played around a bit to see where it was best to plant.

I had purchased Lirope to plant all along the rocks. It will cascade a bit over them, and lend some softness and movement.

Now it is really starting to take shape.


Next post I will show how it looks when completed. That was a lot for one very hot and uncomfortable July summer day. Straight ahead in the above photo is where the Japanese red maple garden went. Now you can see a bit why we decided to expand there as well. I can’t wait to show you what we did and how it all came together! I will share a plant list as well. Thank you so much for reading. Laters, charisse





  1. Cous, Beautiful, can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. Sally Leonard :

    Thanks for sharing pics of your hard work! It’s fun to see the progression of your garden. Gorgeous setting!

    • Hi Sally, I am glad you enjoy seeing the photos of the new gardens. I am so fortunate to be able to garden on such a pretty piece of land, although it does have its challenges! More to come and thanks for reading!

  3. Looking good!

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