Expanding a Garden Space – Done!

Expanding a Garden Space – Done!

Well, I say done, meaning the basic structure and plants are now in place. Now I watch it to see how things do…..whether the plants take off and thrive, or if I need to move things around. It needs some whimsy, but that will come soon enough. Here are some more photos of the finished garden area  directly adjacent to the garage.

OK, so remember this? This is what it looked like after all the new soil was brought in and spread.

Setting the plants in place and then planting.

I decided on green liriope along the rock border. I placed them, and made a few space adjustments.

Easy peasie, in they went.

Here you are looking back towards where the red maple was to be planted. Although I showed you the planting of that area first, we actually did this one first, which is what led to the planting of the much wanted Japanese maple, which led to the expanded maple garden……

Looking back towards the garage. Just starting to put down some mulch.

Looking from the driveway. To the left out of view is the new red Japanese maple. My Oak Leaf hydrangeas were in full bloom. The gate in between them goes to the play paddock for Whitley and Carter, my two dogs.

Love these rocks!!!

If you look closely at the one hosta, you can see it has been nibbled. Well, I had dug it up and divided it from where it had been gourmet offerings for the deer. It has since come back quite well, along with the dozen others that got eaten in an evening. I have never had to use deer repellant before and I think it was because I had 8 Newfoundland dogs and not much other than wild turkey came up real close to the house, although after I lost my last two Newfs, I was without a dog for a while and the deer left everything alone. Anyway, this year they did a job on the hostas that are planted all over the gardens, so now have to use the stinky stuff, and it seems to work.


Below are a few closeup photos of the plants in the completed area.

Looking at this photo, I can see my garden house in the background, and it looks so small, which it really isn’t. The woods I live in have such tall trees that everything looks small (except me!). I often refer to the garden house as “Tiny House” and it seems appropriate in this photo for sure.

Now that you have seen this one, tomorrow I will show some photos of what the entire garden space here now looks like….meaning Part 2 of the planting of the Maple garden and how the two spaces now offer a lovely or at least better view coming up the drive to home and parking the car. No garden is really ever “finished”, but now these have the bones in place.

I am sorry for not posting for several days. I was in NC working on a bedroom for a client, and got a bit behind. I had an enjoyable time, however, as I always do with these folks, and next weekend will be the reveal for them. I am looking forward to it, although not the better than 3 hour drive down again and then back! At least we are expecting cooler weather, and I am really looking forward to that! While I was in Greensboro, I made my first trip to see Hobby Lobby….my goodness, what a place – it is so huge! I didn’t have time to really, really look around, but it was on my way home so I just had to stop and see what all the fuss is about. I sure wish we had one here where I live in Virginia, but alas, we do not.

Thanks for stopping by.  Laters, charisse


  1. Keith definitely rocks! Can you clone him?! Great work from both of you. You have given me ideas as always.

  2. Buddy and Susan

    Keith rocks!!!!!

  3. Hi Charisse….looks fabulous. So healthy and green and lush. Been out of the loop a bit myself…haven’t been able to make my rounds like I like to. Come fall I think I will get back to a schedule. Hope your summer is going well!

    • Hi Tina, Since it was planted, it has really filled out. I hope you had a wonderful trip! My summer has been very busy, fun, but I have to admit I am looking forward a teensy bit to autumn, my absolute favorite time of the year. Thanks for stopping by.

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